Undervault 1.3 - Balancing, UI improvements, Trailer

I'm happy to present a new major update. It's been a while since the previous big update. During that time, I was busy with other projects and improved my game dev skills. So hopefully it has helped me to release a more polished and balanced Undervault version.

Also, I finally made a trailer for the game.

Player animations and 'game feel' improvements

  • Character is now actually moving from room to room, or when interacting with the object inside the room
  • Short cinematic intro when starting a new game
  • Sounds polishing

UI improvements

  • Now it's possible to use room card from inventory, or by using a quick action button above unknown room
  • Player inventory UI is improved
  • Don't display a dialog when there is no loot
  • Total number of floors is displayed

Balance rework

  • Items are now stacked in inventory
  • Rooms revealed with cards have no enemies. Monk special ability is changed
  • When leveling up some stats are increased (HP or base damage). Changed available stats improve options when leveling up
  • Less unknown rooms
  • Fortune skill is buffed
  • Energy drink effect lasts longer, bags have higher durability
  • Rings are more expensive
  • Overall balance revisit. I tried to make a progression more smooth by changing some monsters stats, and level generation settings

Keyboard hotkeys

Proper keyboard support was added. Now you can move the camera and perform various actions using hotkeys. Also, it's possible to configure those buttons in the game launcher.

Other changes

  • Email subscription form in the main menu & social media links
  • As always, bug fixing and various minor polishing


undervault-web.zip 43 MB
Aug 09, 2019
Undervault (windows) 35 MB
Version 1.3.0 Aug 09, 2019
Undervault (linux) 36 MB
Version 1.3.0 Aug 09, 2019
Undervault (mac) 36 MB
Version 1.3.0 Aug 09, 2019

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