Undervault 0.6 Balance & Tutorial

Greetings. New version is out with more polishing and balance rework. Also, Google Play release is coming soon.


New metrics were added inside Unity Editor which shows an estimated number of items on the level. This will help me to balance things more consciously.

I changed loot tables to make rooms loot more unique. Roll kitchen when you need food; arsenal when you need weapon or armor; warehouse when you need a pickaxe or ladder/torch; treasury when you are good and looking for top loot. Other changes:

  • Made bleeding skill more viable. Now it costs less SP and enemies don't have bandages to counter it
  • Weapon stands in arsenal now drops loot with 100% chance. But it's also possible to spawn arsenal with empty stand
  • Separated meds into the different item. Now they can be found only in a special medkit inside warehouse
  • Enemies drop more gold
  • Made farming more viable. Now it's easier to find seeds and caves
  • Reduced number of pregenerated arsenals and treasuries
  • Other minor changes

This is still subject to change, so feedback is appreciated.

Other changes

  • Tutorial is added
  • Update to Unity 2017.2
  • Made room description text more informative about possible loot
  • You can see your items number in inventory and on the end-level screen
  • UI is downscaled for desktop
  • Bugfixing


Undervault (windows) 35 MB
Version 0.6.0 Oct 26, 2017
Undervault (linux) 36 MB
Version 0.6.0 Oct 26, 2017
Undervault (mac) 36 MB
Version 0.6.0 Oct 26, 2017
Undervault (android) 38 MB
Version 0.6.0 Oct 26, 2017
Undervault (demo) 31 MB
Version 0.6.0 Oct 26, 2017

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