Ludopolis ("Undervault HD") announcement

After 1 year of having it in my head, I'm happy to finally announce a remake of Undervault. It's called Ludopolis , and it will have a completely new graphics, the story, and refined game mechanics. You can find more details about Ludopolis on the Steam page.

To develop the game we need some extra funds. And to raise these funds, we will launch a crowdfunding campaign on June 20th. If it sounds interesting to you, please subscribe to our newsletter here. I will reveal more details in the coming days (no more silence here!).

A while ago I promised that those who bought Undervault on itch will have a free key on Steam. I failed to deliver it, because Undervault was never released on Steam. To fix it, I'll send a free Ludopolis key to everyone who bought Undervault.

As for Undervault, we are not abandoning it. I'm planning to make at least one update with new content, and release the game on Apple’s App Store.

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I have love this game since I started playing . It so original and I'm an old school gamer . I played Nintendo when it first came out . Sadly I only do mobile game now but I'm going to look to find a way to play this new version . I may not play but plan to donate something .

Thank you! I'm planning to release a new version of the game on mobile. Probably with some delay after PC release.