Upcoming patch for Undervault

I'm officially announcing a new patch for Undervault which will mostly include QoL and balance related features. Here is a list of my current plans:

  • Change backpack limitation when moving to the next level,  so that it will work only for room cards
  • Add more keyboard controls. This will include camera controls with arrows or WASD keys, and each UI icon in the game will have a key shortcut assigned to it
  • I will experiment with adding a movement visualization for a character. So that when you loot an item inside the room, the character will actually move to it before looting. Same for moving between rooms
  • Reevaluate game balance parameters. Because right now it seems that early game is too easy, and mid-end game is too hard

I'm open to suggestions and feedback. So if you have any thought about what should be included in the next patch let me know in the comments.

Also, a crowdfunding campaign for Ludopolis, a remake of Undervault, is live. If we will reach a minimum goal we will deliver a much more polished game. And if we fail, then you will have your money back automatically. So if you enjoy Undervault please support us!

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