Trailer & Release announcement

I'm happy to announce Farlanders on Steam! More info will come soon, for now here is a fresh trailer.

To get the best result on release we decided to remove public game build from, but it will be back after the game is fully released. If you already purchased Farlanders, you will have an option to retrieve a Steam key (I'll add them in a few days), and get access to closed beta. Also, game title was changed a little, so now it's The Farlanders.


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Congrats on moving to Steam! I was just playing the game again today... with easy settings I made it to 200 people in about 50 days. How do I get a Steam key for this?

Thank you. You can get Steam key by using a form here -

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This is awesome! Congratulations! I am so happy for you. I bought the game on itch and wont mind to buy it again on steam (and would of course love to do some beta testing).