Version 2 announcement

It's been a while since the original 'The Farlanders' release. Honestly, I didn't expect that this small prototype will get so much attention and positive feedback. Thank you so much for this, it's really inspiring!

Right now, I finally have some free time to invest in the development, so I'm officially announcing that new update is confirmed and coming. I hope to get it done by November, but no promises. I already made a little progress on the game. As a little teaser, here is a screenshot with a new energy layer look:

My current plans for the update are:

  • Energy system. There will be a new layer for electricity. You will be able to turn on/off any building and assign workers number. And sure,  it will be possible to demolish anything.
  • You will need to take care of happiness in your colony. It will be achieved by building special amenity constructions and ideally by planning districts (production will cause unhappiness). In the long term, the number of new attracted colonists will depend on colony happiness.
  • Terraforming will be revisited, I want to add a new canyon terrain type which will replace current wasteland. Wastelands will still exist but will be easier to terraform. That's a very rough description, the final result might be different. My goal is to make this mechanic more intuitive and fun.
  • Navigation (for people) in the colony. This means that every building with citizens will have be connected to the base or other habitable construction. If a new building is far away, it could be connected to the base with a special passage building.
  • Water system with a separate layer for construction and planning. Excessive water now should be stored in a special reservoir building.
  • Graphics improvements and some basic SFXs.
  • New game customization options, save/load support, and more hotkeys.

Those plans are not carved in stone and might change, but in general, this is my vision. You can follow the development by subscribing to my Twitter (for content teasers), Youtube (update video will be posted), or here, on itch. Also, there is subreddit dedicated to the game. if you have any suggestions or feedback - please let me know, I value it a lot.


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cant wait


I really loved Farlanders, i'm happy to see you keeping it alive !