Daily challenge | The Farlanders 0.3.2

This update took me much more time than I expected for various reasons (mostly because I'm lazy). But good news - it's done, and I'm feeling productive again! So what's inside?

Daily Challenge

It works almost like in any other game. Each day a new random level is generated for everyone. In Farlanders case it might be a small map with lots of water and no mountains, or default sized map but with different generator type. Your goal is to reach the maximum score (population) within a limited type. After that, you can share a screenshot of your colony and results with a hashtag #MyColonyOnMars. Or if you don't feel very social (like me) you can share your colony in a special channel on our Discord server. Also, please check out a Tiny Islands from which I took inspiration for the 'screenshot share' type of Daily Challenge.

RNG seed

Together with a Daily Challenge, I had to implement seed system. So now you can specify a specific set of characters when starting a new game which will generate an exact map and sequence of terraformation kits. This way you can have multiple tries on the same map, or share an RNG seed with other people and make some kind of competition for the best score.

A new turn progression system

No more annoying 'New turn has started' popups, instead, you will have an annoying resource income animation :). I hope this change was for the best, and in the future I'm planning to work on it more, to make next turn progression exciting.

Other changes

  • Tasks checklist which will work as a tutorial for new players
  • A little change to the happiness system. Starting newcomers optimism is reduced to 3. Instead you will have a Small colony happiness bonus (+1) until you reach 120 population size
  • Multiple resource sources are combined in a tooltip when hovering over resource counter
  • Separate population icon and counter
  • Terrain and buildings description improvements with inline images
  • New buildings
  • Other minor changes not worth mentioning

Future plans

I want the game to be released on Steam as soon as possible. If you bought it on itch, you will have a free Steam key. Before Steam release, I'm planning at least 2 big content updates. So for the nearest future, I plan to prepare a Steam page, game trailer, and then work on a major update.  In the next update I already planned such features:

  • SFXs. After all, we are not in space and there is sound on Mars
  • Map modifiers such as bad soil, frozen water, etc.
  • Terraformation improvements. Terraforming stash system
  • Level generator rework
  • Random events. I will start with dust storms

I will post more teasers from upcoming update in our Discord and on Twitter.


the-farlanders-windows.zip 35 MB
Version 0.3.2 Apr 13, 2020
the-farlanders-linux.zip 36 MB
Version 0.3.2 Apr 13, 2020
the-farlanders-mac.zip 35 MB
Version 0.3.2 Apr 13, 2020


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Wow. Random events seem to be a perfect idea for this game. IMHO