Colony Happiness & New Terrain | The Farlanders 0.3

The Farlanders 0.3 is available! Main changes are:

  • Happiness system
  • New terrain types and terraformation options
  • Complete game balance rework
  • New building types

You can find more details in my devlog.

You might notice, that I changed the monetization of the game. Now it's paid, without free WebGL version. I decided to remove the web version because it's taking too much extra time to support it. But it will be possible to download an older version of Farlanders for free (consider it as a demo).

Another thing I want to mention is that I'm trying to be more open now, and at least try to do so-called community-driven development. So I made a Discord server for this purpose. Feel free to join us -

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Version 0.3.0 Feb 12, 2020 35 MB
Version 0.3.0 Feb 12, 2020 36 MB
Version 0.3.0 Feb 12, 2020


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I discovred a issue if you don't raise happiness enough their is no way to get out of the root because the Happiness raising building require people and people will not join your base if the happiness is to low

Well, you can disable production buildings to free workers for parks/restaurants. But I agree, that the game is too harsh. I will fix that in tomorrow's patch.

thank you