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Excellent dynamics and setup thanks for creating this. Will recommend to others.

Wow! Loved the game, spent way more time playing it that I expected, keep it up!

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Glad you enjoyed the game. I'll take a look at the contest you mentioned. Thank you!

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I had a great time playing this game and would certainly keep an eye open for updates. I'm open minded to paying for a longer version with more features.

It means a lot to us, thank you!

Wanted to play 10 minutes during my work day. 

Caught myself still terraforming Mars after an hour. 

10/10 totally worth making full version and getting into steam early access asap

Thanks! It's great to hear from you ;)

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Really fun game, and dangerous for a perfectionist.  This is the closest I've gotten to an utterly perfect map.

Wow, looks impressive!  For some reason your screenshot reminded me of:

Thanks for sharing!

Cool ^^


I like this Game! It's very good. No Bugs :-) I wish there comes more  content?!


Thank you! Our further work on the game depends on the feedback we will get. I have a vision on how to improve the game, but first I want to be sure if it's worth the time it will take.


I'm very happy about this.

Seems like you mastered game mechanics. I never built such a big colony myself. Well done!

This really should be made into a larger game. Storms, pirates and such would be amazing.



Thank you! 


played for a bit and I really enjoyed the music and the cool art style is has, I enjoyed trying it out, keep up the great work :)


Thanks! Our artist put a lot of effort into graphics, especially in the 'story images'. Glad you liked the style.


The game is very nice. It contains lots of thinking. I like it.
I had to start several times just to survive first days.

Unfortunately there is lack of "undo" button so any missclick is a huge pain.


Thank you! As for the undo button/extra confirmation, maybe we will add it some day.


Nice game!
I played for several hours without a break.  :)


Glad you liked it. And also thanks for pointing out some bugs :)

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