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playing this now and got several nasty surprises. why the hell can water pumps not be deconstructed? also, power lines? if you want to keep the game really hard, ok but at least give some kind of description or warning about the types of building that can and cannot be deconstructed.

another interesting option would be to be able to pause operations of a building to free up some of the workforce without deconstructing the thing entirely. though this would make the start significantly easier, which might not be wanted.

Your points are valid and they will be addressed in Version 2 of the game.

You can't deconstruct power lines and some buildings because there is no proper energy system in the game. I made it this way not because of the design, but because of the time limitations I had.

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loved the game finished it but can there be a mode or option were you continue with the game and just fill the space because i was setting up a big plan and colony but i reached the goal and it made me quit. otherwise a very cool game :)

PS its a good game mechanic but it is very hard to get rid of the "dry land" spaces i would suggest many having it less common but its a cool feature rather way thanks for the awesome experience. 

Thank you, and glad you enjoyed the game. I will add an option to continue after the victory in the upcoming update. Also, terraforming probably will be reworked as well to make it a little more logical.

Actually the dry land/desertification is very easy to get rid of, either use a water tile or mountain tile on it. Water tiles are impossible to get rid of though, which makes no sense.

Also most buildings can't be deconstructed/destroyed. Bummer.

Great atmosphere


Needs a restart button, but it's a good game.

Love it!

Nice game. Funny and simple. like it

I would be willing to pay for an average price for this game on mobile. Definitely worth the effort put into it. I like the story-line, the difficulty options, the periodic terraforming abilities which changes how the game can be played and the fact that building next to each building gives a bonus. 

Very goo

i hope there will be a creative mode

Great little game!  The game works flawlessly, but when I click on the "support this game" tab, and then try to pay by credit card all I get is a blank page.  Do I have some setting wrong?

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Thank you for your support! I suggest you to force update the page with Ctrl+F5, trying a different browser, or visit support page


Really enjoyed this game, glad I found it. Would love to try it on mobile ;)

A Very beautiful Game!



This is a simple yet very entertainging (and even addictive) game.

You start with a small landing pod and expand with solar panels and greenhouses etcetera.

However it's very hard to even survive ten turns at first, until you learn how to properly do stuff.

Then, when you manage to create a self sustainable base, the game gets a little bit easier, but it's still challenging and requires you to think.

However, I would suggest a new feature to be added: being able to continue with your base after you beat the game. After working so hard not to get all of your people killed, I would realy love to just sit there and try to  expand a lot more.

Furthermore, this game could be more complicated. It's a bit simple for my taste. Of course, not everyone agrees with me (and the game is already quite hard) but I wouldn't mind if it had more rules like farms consumig extra water too, and some buildings requiring more refined materials. (I'm a long time Factorio player so I really enjoy that kind of gameplay)

So, to summarize, I really liked it, 4.8/5!

I really like this game a lot. Had to play several games before beating it. There's definitely a threshold point that once crossed gives a really good indication of success. I think adding the ability to keep playing after reaching the goal could be a fun addition.


I loved the game so much me and my friends made a subreddit, join if you're a fan!

Great visuals and nice game, thank you!

Fun casual game. This looks like it could be a great time killer on a mobile platform. Just a few things i noticed while playing: 

It seemed super dependent on start generator, specifically i needed to start next to a mineral and two water terrains otherwise it was a loss. If nothing else possibly have your starting base provide some minerals per turn as a mini factory or something. I think that would open up the map to a lot more choices for starting. (or possibly food per hyrdroponics in base or such as that would also open up the map to more start choices)

The deconstruct option should work on the power lines and the water pump too!!! Several times i got what would have been an awesome terraform option that would have been awesome and i couldn't move a power line out of the way... was so frustrated with that.

Very good points. Too bad it's moot, since after playing some maps you will never get a playable map. So the game has a life span of maybe 10 games max. Then it's over, you'll never be able to play again. That is if want to have a chance at winning.  


In my opinion, that extra difficulty is not a bad thing.

Just a tip here; you can wait turns without having to place the base. That way you can receive terraforming tools before placing the base to make it more suitable without using up resources.

This is what worked for me:

Do not accept any of the first colonists. Wait two turns without placing the base so that you get terraforming tools.

Now, with those terraforming tools change a place you find desirable (normally, one with at least one, and if you can two water wells, and at least one mineral nearby).

Your base doesn't need to be bunched up together, you can spread it a lot. So Place three solar panels, two houses and try to place them in a way that gives you direct access to at least three farm plots (or two, but then you would need to terraform one mountain to make it farmable) and at least one mineral. Accept the second wave of twenty colonists, all of them. Place one factory and two farms directly near to each other for a total of 15 colonists out of 20.

You will start losing 20 water per turn. Make sure you have acces to a second water well (or at least that you will have if using a terraforming tool) and you have access to enough power. Then use that new metal to create power lines to reach that second water well, wait 4 turns and survive off your water reserves. You will have only 20 water left, and will receive new colonists. Take 10 of them in, and build a water extractor with them. Now you will not have enough food but will have enough water to survive. Survive off of your stored food, and save metal to build two new farms, and now, you will be stable. You will have a surplus of both water and food and will produce metal.

By now you could leave the base like this, not accept new colonists and just grow and use the terraforming tools to create a good landscape for your new citizens. But beware: from now on, the number of colonists coming in will increase to 30, then 40 and then 50 (and then go back to 20), and you can only take either all of them, half of them or none.

So you will need to always make sure that you have enough space, surplus of food and water and energy to always take 15, 20 and 25 (half) of the incoming colonists each time.

This way you can easily beat the game.

Sorry if it was too long.

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It's an awesome piece of software, loved getting the first time to 200 Colonists on the easiest level. Now I try my best with the time limit. Thank you :)

edit: Thanks for your Linuxsupport!


Since the "clear terrain" only moves the mountains, this game is severely limited. Glad I tried it before actually downloading. Pathetic. 

Water tools can get rid of wasteland and bombs can get rid of minerals


Now i can play it on PC Linux (thanks !) This game is quit excellent. I hope you find time and support to extend it. Some suggestion without too much deep thinking :

- new resource, maybe wind (and windcatcher), and heat (with lava pump)

- weather with wind +/- (and maybe direction), sand storm to cut solar panels for one turn, etc

- new tiles, like magma, geyser, plants to get some new source of food...

- new building. Balloon to predict weather. Digger to clean dead lands around its location.

- new map layouts, like crater, river... and different sizes too (i'd like a larger map).

- some mobile parts, like maybe a rover to catch some alien wildlife to breed and eat or science etc

- some tech tree, to have some choices. Like predict the terraform shape, reveal the map further, turn lava into water, dead land into land, increase range of farm, etc

Glad you liked the game. And thank you for suggestions! I gave a small interview recently where I briefly mentioned my ideas for the next update. You can find it here -

Great game! Takes about 15 minutes to get the hang of it, but with that and a little patience and planning ahead, it's a rewarding, bug-free experience!


Could you release it on PC Linux too ?

Hi, I made build for Linux, but I can't guarantee that it would be stable.

Awesome, it has some graphical glitch at the bottom of the screen, but it is not game breaking,. Thanks !

Really good game thanks for making it. I hope to be able to support one day <3

Enjoying this. Nice balance of simplicity, strategy, and depth. 


This game was a nice surprise. Well crafted. I've had fun with this on several days. Few comments on how to make it even better:

  • It's a bit unclear how the terraforming pieces work when you start playing. This applies especially when using it to other tiles than mountains like wasteland.
  • Deconstruction item could have some info about how it's beneficial or do you gain anything back, such as metal, when using it.
  • Maybe some environmental settings and additional factors such as storms or aliens to make it more interesting. :D

I assume games on here will be garbage, glad to be pleasantly surprised by the beautiful, atmospheric and well designed game this is

Excellent dynamics and setup thanks for creating this. Will recommend to others.

Wow! Loved the game, spent way more time playing it that I expected, keep it up!

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Glad you enjoyed the game. I'll take a look at the contest you mentioned. Thank you!

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I had a great time playing this game and would certainly keep an eye open for updates. I'm open minded to paying for a longer version with more features.

It means a lot to us, thank you!

Wanted to play 10 minutes during my work day. 

Caught myself still terraforming Mars after an hour. 

10/10 totally worth making full version and getting into steam early access asap

Thanks! It's great to hear from you ;)

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Really fun game, and dangerous for a perfectionist.  This is the closest I've gotten to an utterly perfect map.

Wow, looks impressive!  For some reason your screenshot reminded me of:

Thanks for sharing!

Deleted post

I like this Game! It's very good. No Bugs :-) I wish there comes more  content?!


Thank you! Our further work on the game depends on the feedback we will get. I have a vision on how to improve the game, but first I want to be sure if it's worth the time it will take.


I'm very happy about this.

Seems like you mastered game mechanics. I never built such a big colony myself. Well done!

This really should be made into a larger game. Storms, pirates and such would be amazing.



Thank you! 


played for a bit and I really enjoyed the music and the cool art style is has, I enjoyed trying it out, keep up the great work :)


Thanks! Our artist put a lot of effort into graphics, especially in the 'story images'. Glad you liked the style.


The game is very nice. It contains lots of thinking. I like it.
I had to start several times just to survive first days.

Unfortunately there is lack of "undo" button so any missclick is a huge pain.


Thank you! As for the undo button/extra confirmation, maybe we will add it some day.


Nice game!
I played for several hours without a break.  :)


Glad you liked it. And also thanks for pointing out some bugs :)

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