Paper Soldiers - is a deck-building card game with a game board consisting of different tile types. You are leading an uprising against tyranny. To win the game you need to complete multiple encounters and build your ideal deck.


  • Andriy Bychkovskyi - programming, game design 
  • Leela - 2d graphics, cards flavor text, story script
  • Serhii - 3d graphics

The game was done during Global Game Jam 2022. And was created with Unity3d with the help of such external assets:

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(180 total ratings)
AuthorsAndriy Bychkovskyi, caiabresebun
GenreCard Game, Strategy
Made withUnity
TagsCute, Deck Building, Low-poly, Mouse only, Turn-based
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LanguagesEnglish, Ukrainian
AccessibilityOne button


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Why does the king get weaker as he loses authority? In reality, makes sense. In gameplay, you start each match at an escalating disadvantage and, with luck, can eventually move on to steamroll with all your fancy new cards if you live long enough to find your footing.


I wasn't prepared at all  generator of your game can provide a field with a crurch , but without town ) So for now i don't know yet what's in the end of that crown battle , but that evil looking octopus on map makes me think of such plot twist : the king isn't tyrant by himself , possession by that evil octopus makes him this ) So that octopus should be the real final boss )


That text style , using which you wrote numbers of the tyrant's offense , food ,  gold , army , info text in rectangulars (when you hover on those squares and on cards) , and the "next turn" button - by it's visual belong more to such serious sci-fi tycoon game as Farlanders . Only style of text under characters on cards fits this cute game for now ! Fix plz )



Brilliant game, just wish there was a save option so I didnt have to completely restart after failing a level

this game is really fun! the artstyle is very nice to look at

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Nice game, after several attempts I was able to beat it.

It is essentially an engine builder game. You design and try to balance your deck for the needed resources.

My tips would be:
* Get the cards that allow for drawing more cards.

* Too much variation in your cards can cause problems.

* If playing a card would put a resource close to bankruptcy, don't play it.

* Do not get too many cards that rely on cities or churches (because in the late game you need to build your own buildings.)

It feels like there is a resource ladder: food can be exchanged for money, and then money can be exchanged for soldiers, and soldiers can be exchanged reducing the enemies influence.

There are minus numbers in the left-hand bottom corner. I have no idea why sometimes they increase and decrease. As some others pointed out, these numbers also seem to change after playing cards mid-turn, it feels like a bug. In general, I wish the mechanic of the numbers was explained.

There is no way to replenish the forest, so you must be careful, I like this metaphor. There were times when I found myself considering using the lumberjack just to get a little more money, because I was close to bankruptcy, so I felt the pressure, even knowing that it would possibly make future turns more difficult, nice!)

* At least on my laptop's trackpad, scrolling to flip does not work well, a card can flip it over and over because I scroll "alot."

* There is a glitch sometimes on the first game where you can get six cards in the firsthand (I think it is triggered by clicking through the opening cut-scene really fast.)


I love it soooo much but I wish it had way to save your progress :( it gets so frustrating!! Otherwise it is amazinggg

Agree. Starting all over again from the start if you fail is not just frustrating, but one of the worst game mechanics.


LOVE IT. So enjoyable and I love the mechanic of each card having two contrasting gameplay options. I played through around 5 times, but never managed to win.

I do think the game is slightly too difficult to complete; as your deck quickly becomes unbalanced and it can be REALLY hard to build up a town and church from nothing while the negative numbers are higher than ever. BUT I kept coming back, which is a great sign.

I would perhaps integrate some sort of checkpointing and a removal of card option to help with the balance, but beyond that this is a great experience that is already addictive and challenging with a lovely, light-hearted art style


It's very good in many ways. The gameplay is fun, deckbuilding is fun.
Some things I'd like to see:
* Better introduction / explanation of things like countdown, objective. Even just having a hoverable tool-tip would help
* Better information presentation, like clicking deck showing the remaining cards.

* Fix some minor bugs, things like the exit (?) button opening a menu where its buttons have no text.
All in all really liked it, and think it has lots of potential if you want to take it further.


This game has a great potential, but there are a lot of bad features.

First of all: starting all over again from the begining is terrible, there should be some check point.

There is no editing. The deck is so unbalaced: the first couple of matchs are fair, then it becomes nearly impossibile to win.

You summerized most of my problems.


EXCELLENT game, I adore this!!! My only complaint is starting over all the way from the beginning when you lose, esp since the game is so rng-heavy. But I love everything else <3

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I'm so sad for this game.

An excelent idea, but really bad execution. First of all, starting all over again from the begining is terrible.

Also unable to edit the deck is a missing feature. The endgame is so hardly unbalanced I was able to wing by coincidence 1 game from 500-600 I played from the last week until now. 

Another thing I noticed is the number of resources removed from you changing mid-turn, not just when the cooldown reaches zero, so there are instances, when I normally left with 4 remaining resources, but suddenly it changes "4-4" before the end of turn. Not even a Redo function avaiable.

At least fix the balance to make the game playable. Also playtesting is your friend!

Of course if it is fixed (checkpoint or better balance), I want to buy it for even more than $2


Lol cry about it


Lol, a creep...

Looks awesome!


I really liked this game but then I lost a level and had to start all the way from the beginning! =(
Can you please add a difficulty option that just retries the level instead?


I agree on this. At least there could be a checkpoint. The last battle so unbalanced I won only once from my 500-600 games i played so far.

I wonder if this game is available in Android

The game is fantastic, just beat it today!

Awesome game! Great for a short break. 

Amazing game! Thanks!!

loved this!


I had a blast with this! a cozy blast you could say :D


I used religion to beat the evil king OuO

cute art style <3

The game is amazing! Though, I would balance it slightly better. Slava Ukraini!!



This game is so fun but there is a bug on the browser version when you go full-screen that makes the cards and some words become non-visible

Very nice game!


HI there, would you like me to translate your game into Esperanto for free? I'm just looking to help the Esperanto community out by getting some more games into the language.

it's a good game, but i tink it will do a nice worlk in  mobiles,i'm look forward to it

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Game is wonderful, but I've found a bug - you can click battle icons multiple times and it would make many overlapping maps, dealing 3 cards for every field shown up, so its possible to exhaust your deck on your first turn

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This game is very pleasant, and I have a fun time with it. For a jam it's impressive. If you plan to work on it a bit more, here is my feedback :

  • The art style is good
  • Flipping card is satisfying
  • The Resources UI (at left) need some work, borders, a more appropriate font.
  • The menu need some life, moving waves, boats, monsters, etc...
  • The menu Music surprises me, I was expecting something more epic (because the intro put emphasis on battle)
  • Like the Level music
  • Loss/Gain are explicit.
  • Cards are awesome (It would be great to see the protagonist on tile, when applying the effect, especially when there is a cool-down)

Hope it helps


So cute and so clever! I love the art of the cards so so much! And The mechanic of flipping them is so cool!
I had some trouble understanding where the penalty points were coming from... Those red numbers seemed out of nowhere for a while. Then I made the connection with the tyrant power.
I miss the possibility to remove cards from my deck.
I lost at the last battle, because having to build a town was too expensive. I couldn't raise money and food, so I lost...
But I loved this game!
I wish the art style of the cards were more present in the game, instead of the 3D terrains, but I get it...
Also, how can I know how much cooldown time each card will take? It'll be nice to have this info, so I can plan better.
Great game, good job!


A child-like presentation turned into a very powerful intro after clicking past the Ukrainian flag. On top of that a talented body of work to invest in and explore. Well done. I hope to see many more things by you in the future.


Thank you for your kind words. I wanted to make a slight reference to the Russian threat in the game narrative. It was before the war. Now parallels are even more clear.

I would like to wish you and your friends and family health and safety, and I would also like to tell you that many people, all around the world, support you and your country. I live in the United States and have been praying for the Ukrainian people, and many of my family and friends have been doing so as well.


I really like this game, and it's very cozy. I enjoyed it a lot. Slava Ukraini!


This is a really cool idea! I like how the two sides of each card are related to each other in some way. It feels very natural to switch between a cute dog and a big bad wolf. I’m impressed this was a game jam entry!


Such a great idea for a game, and it plays well too!


@The Creators, I like the game a lot.  With your blessing, I would like to make a game inspired from this.  (I'm not asking to borrow any code or assets or anything). I would like to use some of the game mechanics from this game.  Would there be any problem with that on your end? 


You are free to do it.

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Really great game, well done!
Art is amazing, the game is balanced (as far as i can tell), and the difficulty really ramps up for a great challenge.


The ingame text looks like below, hard to read.

Also, maybe i'm missunderstanding the game, but sometimes when i play a +2 cards, i don't get any cards (even if my deck counter is 2 or higher).

I love this game!  It's super fun. A unique game mechanic style. The art and music are pretty awesome, too. It's like a war version of Catan. Really well done, my man!


I realy like the art on the cards. I havent played the game tho,

Good Lock,

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