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very cool game, love the art style!

Excellent Game!

A nice little game. We had fun testing it.

Short but sweet! I love the combine/split mechanic. Thanks for sharing.

This is great.

This was sooo much fun, I love puzzle point and click. The art style was super crisp. Your game is the second in the video. Hopefully the link starts right there.

I loved this. 

Loved this game! Its gorgeous <3 I did manage to lose the scissors somehow right at the end lol. I did a playthough with a few other games too. Thank you so much for making this it was really unique and beautiful 🤗😊



Impressive artwork and overall a really sweet project. Great work for the GGJ. :)


I was so stuck I had to watch your video, as you can tell by my username I'm not very smart 


Everyone gets stuck in adventures games, it's like a perpetual rite of passage. Now go ahead and change that username, don't let it define you. :)


Nice game! Took me a while to figure out the robots, and just the controls in general, but once I got how it worked it was very fun.